The Secret of the Various Scissoring, Clipping and Hand-Stripping Techniques - Certificate Course

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The Secret of the Various Scissoring, Clipping and Hand-Stripping Techniques - Certificate Course




Without the right technique, it just doesn't work!


Would you like to know what it all comes down to?

The right work technique is the key to your success in this profession. It is very commonly underestimated, how important it is to correctly learn and automatize the different techniques.

All problems work out one way or the other in a grooming shop, it's true. But there are so many unused potentials, which we could utilize by knowing the correct work technique. And who could demonstrate and clarify this know-how better, than the multiple time gold medalist at international dog grooming championships, Margit Schönauer?

Why do I need to remove the undercoat? How do I know if it was even possible to hand-strip? Which technique do I need to use with different coat textures? What do I have to pay attention to before I start with clipping? Which scissoring technique is the most effective one? What are the components of a perfect hairstyle? Here you can find all your answers! The entire spectrum of work techniques is demonstrated and explained perfectly: After a short introduction about the right body posture at work, different chapters about particular work techniques will be presented to you through applicable and practice-oriented examples.

The knowledge you acquire in this course will shape your whole further career. It matters a lot how you learn these skills in the beginning and on which practical knowledge you build your further education.

After this module, you will be able to fully enjoy your creative side and to practice the true beauty of this profession. :-)

Please note, that the aim of this course/module is rather to demonstrate general techniques than to show how to groom/scissor/hand-strip a dog or a breed from the beginning to the end, neither is the course a detailed illustration of how to scissor round heads, straight legs, etc.

This course has been translated from its original German language.






  • 63 learning slides
  • 18 learning videos
  • 28 practice tests
  • Forum -  get in contact with other groomers and pet stylists around the world!
  • 1 job aid to download


Ideal for:

  • Newbies, who would like to gain sound knowledge in this profession. 
  • Groomers with little experience and career break returners, who:
    • Are not sure if their know-how was correct and up-to-date.
    • Want to discover basic knowledge and skills from a different perspective. 


Table of contents:


        • Foreword
          • Preface
    • The correct body posture at work
      • Why is a proper body posture during work so important?
      • Back
      • Head
      • Shoulders
      • Infographic - Correct Body Posture
    • Removing the undercoat
      • What does "removing the undercoat" mean?
      • Why do we need to remove the undercoat?
      • How often do we need to remove the undercoat ideally?
      • What happens, if we don't remove the undercoat?
      • Which coat textures require the removal of the undercoat?
      • Potential safety hazards
      • How to remove the undercoat with a high-velocity dryer and a Brush - Video
      • How to remove the undercoat with a rake - Video
  • Clipping Techniques
    •     What does "clipping" mean?
      • How does a correct clipper trim look like?
      • The pros and cons of working with a clipper
      • How to hold the clipper properly?
      • Shave down
      • Potential safety hazards
      • The 4 basic rules of clipping
      • Clipping techniques - clipping with guard combs - video
      • Clipping techniques - shave down with blades - video
    • Hand-stripping techniques
      • What does "hand-stripping" mean? 
      • Breeds, which should be hand-stripped 
      • How often should a dog be hand-stripped?
      • When is hand-stripping possible? 
      • In which step of the work process do we hand-strip? 
      • What does "finish stripping" mean? 
      • How to groom wired or coarse-haired dogs, which are not possible to hand-strip? 
      • Hand-stripping of silky combination coat breeds 
      • When to start hand-stripping puppies? 
      • Overview of hand-stripping techniques 
      • What happens, if we apply the wrong hand-stripping technique? 
      • How to use the stripping-powder? - video
      • Hand-stripping with fingers - video
      • Hand-stripping with a stripping-stick - video
      • Hand-stripping with a stripping-stone - video
      • Hand-stripping with a dull stripping-knife - video
      • Hand-stripping with a finish-stripping-knife - video 
      • Hand-stripping the fine coat - video
    • Scissoring techniques
      • Scissoring 
      • The components of a perfect scissor trim 
      • Which coat can be scissored without any concern? 
      • The 3 basic rules of scissoring 
      • Correct scissor handling 
      • Potential safety hazards Scissoring the curly, wavy coat - video 
      • Scissoring the coarse- and silky combination coat - video 
      • Scissoring the wired coat - video
      • Scissoring the (natural) long coat / minor trim - video
      • Scissoring the (natural) long coat / "over the comb" technique - video 
      • Scissoring the (natural) long coat after clipping - video 
    • Grooming the short smooth coat 
      • ...and how to groom dogs with short smooth coat? 
      • Grooming the short smooth coat - video



  • Course start:  anytime
  • Course access time:  1 month. Learn at your pace and sequence.
  • Prolongation: possible
  • Certificate: To get your certificate, you must pass the test at the end of the course. You need to answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass the test. You may repeat taking the test as often as you wish.


Basic knowledge of different coat types and textures and dog grooming tools & supplies.


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