The Dogs` Coat - Crash Course

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The Dogs` Coat - Crash Course


This crash course is interactive, and for everyone who works with dogs or wants to acquire a basic understanding of the dogs` coat.

Learn how to determine the coat type of each dog and chose the right grooming process accordingly.

After you completed this course, you will know exactly which is the proper grooming process of each and every dogs` coat. You will be surprised how useful this basic knowledge is if you want to talk credibly with dog owners about the proper care of their dog.

This course offers a systematic and comprehensive presentation of the dog's coat, and you can complete it in a few hours.

Please note, the certificate course: "All About Dogs" also includes the content of this crash course!



  • 21 learning pages with pictures
  • 5 practice tests
  • 1 educational game
  • 1 job aid to download


Table of contents:


  • The Different Coat Types
    • The Dogs` Coat 
    • The Coat Type
    • Coat composition - single or double coat
    • Different Hair Structures 
    • Summary of the Different Coat Types
    • The Coat Color
    • Vibrissae
    • Eyelashes
    • Which coat structure? Educational game







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